Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AA/JMS - Event Part 5 - The Goods

Good Morning!!!
So the goods for a jewelry designer
Here's some of the offerings
I had at the
Art & Architecture/Junk Market Style
that I just sold at.
 I loved how this piece turned out, and fortunately it went to a very good home of an awesome customer named Karen, that will love it, wear it and it should provide many years of adornment for this lovely lady.  SOLD
 Lots of lovely details were added to this piece and the yummy colors made this creation one of my personal favorites.  SOLD
 One more shot of this favorite piece.  SOLD
 Four women drove all day into the night from Texas to come to the show in Minnesota. :)  This piece went home with one of those ladies, and the fun thing is she has 5 children, so the number was extra special for her.  SOLD
 Gorgeous vintage religious medal and this awesome 1898 Indian head penny makes this piece unique.
 Entire necklace - SOLD
 Lovley vintage brooch now becomes a focal on this great necklace.  SOLD
 This gorgeous necklace will be available on November 6th to be purchased at "The Loft on 2nd Ave." in Anoka, MN where I will be doing a one day Trunk Show.   I love this piece.  A combination of silver toned and copper makes me think of Junking for Rust and Fine Silver...  My personal favs...
 Speaking of  JUNKER...this necklace is also going to be available at the upcoming Trunk Show mentioned above.  Love the use of the optical lense, mix of metals and gorgeous sparkle in the vintage elements.
 Since this was a JUNK MARKET STYLE event, a gal has to design some "Junk" inspired jewelry...  Again this is going to be available at "The Loft" on November 6th.
 This religious medal was large, detailed and truly one of the most unique and gorgeous religous medals I've ever worked with.  It has found a happy home as well.   SOLD
 This great piece is SOLD and is one of my new favorite styles.  This one is sold to my newest friend, Joyce, but I have created a line of this design, each one different and unique, but of similiar theme.  They will be available at the upcoming Trunk Show at "The Loft" and on my blog in the future.  Inquire if interested... Prices will be $49.00. 
 Religious Faith/Lady necklace is SOLD.  It is reversible and also went home with my customer and new friend, Karen.  It's a great mix of old and new elements.
 A variety of necklaces that I had for sale at this show.
 This mannequin did her job for me. 
All 3 of these necklaces are SOLD.
 This piece is an awesome necklace.  The pendant was once a part of a clock in a home, and was sent to me as a gift to be used in my designs from a fellow Junk Market Style member, David.  How cool is that?  It found a great home once again, which thrills me as a designer.  Both pieces are SOLD.
 Fun mannequin shot...
 A shot of my space before the show began...
The rest of my space.

One more event is
a part of my past.

Thank you
 to all
of my customers
for coming to
see me,
for your support,
and for your
purchases of
little bit
of my
heart & soul.

To my new
a huge
thank you
most of all
and approval
of my designs
your purchases.

Love to you all...

*****Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about the November 6th upcoming event
"The Loft"
on 2nd Ave.
Anoka, MN


  1. Your creations are so pretty - I can see how they sell so well.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  2. I love how you display your necklaces.

  3. Your creations are always so fabulous and inspiring, I especially love the Spiritual designs... but that one Brooch necklace (sold) was to die for! *swoon*

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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