Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Jewelry for Michelle

Hey blogger friends, some of you have been awaiting this post for what may seem like a very long time. Well, I wanted to keep it a secret until after Michelle and Drew celebrated their special wedding day, which took place May 16th, 2009. Michelle, happens to be a friend of our families, and her Mom happens to be one of my best friends. Some of you know Carolyn, and this is about her lovely daughter, Michelle's wedding day and the jewelry I created to enhance her day.
Michelle and I first met last Fall to discuss and start working on ideas for her wedding. She is a rare twenty something gal that knows exactly what she likes, wants and this really helped with all of the plans for her wedding day, including the jewelry.
Michelle wanted something unique and special for her wedding day and she found it in vintage jewelry. Just look at this fabulous necklace she found late December of 2008. She saw it, she loved it, she slept on it, she brought her Mom, my daughter, Emily, and myself to see it for approval and then she purchased it. I told her it was fabulous and you'd not find something new quite this unique and go for it. My assignment then became to come up with new earrings for her wedding day attire to go with this fabulous vintage bib style necklace. Take a look and see what you think. I also designed and created simple, but stunning on the bridesmaid necklaces to go with Michelle's jewelry, but to not outshine the bride. We decided to go with similar beads, large in size Swarovski crystals as well as the AB finish for the gals jewelry.

Michelle's necklace is a vintage necklace. May be a Julianna design, but it was unmarked so we really don't know. It was purchased at a bridal shop, and it was a very unique piece to find. It is simply stunning on her.

This photo was taken with Michelle modeling one of the bridesmaid dresses before the wedding, so that I could get a close up shot of her wedding necklace. The base of the necklace is set in vintage black diamond rhinestones in a V shape that flows down and then the rhinestone base had soldered loops where all of the large Swarovski beads dripping off of it were attached. The black diamond AB crystals were a unique choice for her wedding day and were gorgeous! There's no copying this girls style with this piece.

Michelle made for a stunning bride, and this photo shows how lovely her attire truly was. When she walked down the aisle there was a train, but I don't have photos at this point showing that.

Michelle, with my daughter, Emily right after the wedding.
Again, gorgeous necklace.

This is the simple earring I designed for Michelle to wear with her elaborate necklace. We knew that we wanted something simple, since the necklace had so much going on. I had the exact vintage Swarovski crystals beads in my stash, and I mail ordered for the Sterling Silver posts to glue the new Black diamond crystal rhinestone base to it. I then ran a Sterling silver headpin from the top down to the bottom of the rhinestone and wire wrapped the vintage crystal to it to create the dangle. My daughter, Emily is modeling the earring here.
Here are part of the bridesmaids for Michelle's wedding.

Three more of the bridesmaids. The gal on the right is Michelle's cousin and was her Jr. Bridesmaid. We decided to make her necklace a size smaller in Swarovski since she was young and petite.
Everything looks so great together.

This is a close-up of the bridal party jewelry that I created. It is simple, strung, but made a nice impact and didn't compete with Michelle's more elaborate necklace style. We decided to use Fushia 10mm Round Swarovski crystals in an AB finish so they catch the light and set the larger crystals off with alternating them with 4mm bi-cone crystals.
Michelle Adoring the Two Men in Her Life!

Drew & Michelle during their first dance. Adoration of her new husband.

Check out Michelle's eyes. They have such a cool look of adoration for her Dad! So very cool!

A back shot of Michelle's dress. What a great body for this style of dress.

Extra Photos

My two favorite people in the world.

Our 14 year old daughter, Emily and my sweet husband, Jon.

Emily with two of her new friends, Michelle the brides two 1st cousins.

Thank you Michelle & Drew for allowing our family to be a part of such an important

day of your life. As friends and neighbors, we look forward to many years of friendship.


  1. Your jewelry looks stunning Gretchen.....I am loving your headbands as well.

  2. Thanks Janis! The headbands are kind of fun too and Emily and Michelle are both the owners of one.

  3. Gretchen

    What a beautiful post on Michelle and Drews wedding. You really captured some good moments. The pictures turned out beautiful. The jewelry really looks beautiful in person and in the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing our special wedding with our family. You sure had a big hand in making it all work smoothly.
    Love Carolyn


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