Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jewelry Designs For Sale - June 2009 - Part 1

Two Strand French Perfume Bottle

I began this design with this fabulous small French perfume bottle. I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into a necklace design, so started with it. I included the lovely crucifix, Eiffel tower and crown as well.

Paris France is on the gold label. Note how ornate this little bottle is.
The choice of metal is gold for the chain to go with the label on this bottle.

Detail shot of the vintage Italian crucifix, Eiffel tower and crown.
This is the longest strand of the two stranded necklace.
I chose to mix gold and silver metal elements together for this design.

This is the shorter strand of this design.

The necklace chain has some gorgeous marquis shaped stations with a
yellow crystal inside each of them and these are throughout both strands of chain.

This is truly a one of a kind design, and would be so fun to wear.

Pink Delite
This is a very fun and playful necklace in a silver tone chain and accented with pinks and a vintage clear teardrop crystal. It is long and these items jingle jangle and hand so fine.

The entire necklace.

Pearl/Gold Bracelet

This bracelet is quite lovely in person, but the photos do not capture it. The main portion of the bracelet is made up of small faux pearls and brass floral stations. I've attached this gorgeous faux with gold flower to the top of it. The bracelet is quite small at about a 6".

The entire bracelet design.

Pearl/Gold Necklace

This floral/gold flower focal is a perfect match to the previous bracelet. It is a classy design, but yet simple.

Asymmetrical design with one side gold chain and the other faux vintage glass pearls. The flower focal has set in stones, so that there is no worry of losing any of the rhinestones or pearls on it.

This photo shows the pearl/gold asymmetrical chain of the previous necklace.

Bee on Time Necklace
(SOLD at JB)
A wonderful vintage bee has received a make over with a vintage
watch face and rhinestone flower. Love the detailing of this piece.

This is a layered piece with a large gold medallion in the back, layered with the bee watch time piece with a vintage green dangle as well as the cross dangle with the colors on it.

This necklace lays just right and really is a cool piece.
Key to Time Standing Still

This design is a very fun and playful. I just love all the jingle/jangle it creates.
Multiple layering with many lovely elements have all been added to this piece.
Multi strand silver tone necklace with lots of fun and
great pieces create this one-of-a-kind design.

A Time in Paris
I just love this necklace. I have been for years hoarding this wonderful vintage brass rhinestone pin that I've used as the connector of the chain in this necklace to the fabulous vintage watch face. The dark burgundy numbers are so unique, as is the patina of this watch face. I've added my trademark Eiffel tower to the center of it. I usually use either an Eiffel tower or flying bird in most of my watch face designs, thus it has become a trademark of my designs.

A close-up of the wonderful patina on this Waltham watch. I am always searching for watch faces, so if anyone would like to sell some, please let me know, as they are one of my favorite design elements that I enjoy using.

The main portion of this necklace chain is wonderful milky glass baroque beads as well as
heavy gold chain with a wonderful patina to go with the focal elements used in this design.

This is the details of the clasp closure and this would hang down as an accent.

Cameo Locket Necklace
(Available for purchase)
This is a lovely piece with lots of great bling to it. Starts with a wonderful triple strand gold long chain, with a great large ring for a connector to the cameo locket. From the back of the locket there are wonderful design elements that flow down from behind the large locket.

Details of the cameo.

A wonderful vintage tassel, a fabulous woman's watch and lovely vintage glass beads are some of the elements used while creating this fabulous piece. It is truly a "Wow" take notice type of necklace.

Details of all of the cool flowing design elements.


  1. Gretchen,
    I love all your new stuff!!! You are sooo talented. I can't believe you can find all these "parts" and then find the time to put it all together. I love the pearl and gold bracelet...put my name on it if it is not already sold.
    Thanks, Lori

  2. More beautiful designs Gretchen! I hope sales are going well for you!


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