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Jewelry Designs For Sale - June 2009 - Part 2

(AI had posted a blog post around mid June which was labeled "Jewelry Designs For Sale - June 2009 -Part 1" which had some jewelry designs I had made for the June sale at the "French Flea".

Some of the designs have sold and some are available for sale, which I have and will note this just under the name of each piece, in case you are interested in purchasing one of the designs. I charge a $2.00 flat rate shipping/handling fee for shipments to the US, which covers the cost of shipping and some of the packaging expenses.

Contact me through my email at in case you want to know prices or to order items.

Design 1

Wonderful vintage heavy gold chain with a nice mix of found elements dangling below. Their is a Fleur d leis, vintage gold/crystal tassel, vintage Missouri tax token, vintage rhinestone buckle, Eiffel tower and vintage beads with rhinestone roundels.

A mix of fun found elements.

Note the detailing of the Missouri sales tax receipt token, the Eiffel tower and other elements.
Design 2

Full view of this fun asymmetrical necklace with a
mix of silver and gold elements used in its design.

Details of the focal portion of this necklace.
This is a wonderful vintage crystal prism.

Details of the great floral chain design that is on one side of this necklace.
This photo shows the two styles of chains used in the design of this necklace.
Design 3
Full view of this gold tone necklace shows that it is 2 strands.The shortest strand consists of the tassel portion and the longest strand has the wonderful vintage working purse with the vintage found element added to it to pull the overall look together.
Detailed shot of the tassel portion strand as well as the second strands chain/pearl detailing.
Adorable purse.
Design 4
This is a lovely beachy themed gold tone necklace. It has lots of found elements that make up this design. Again it is an asymmetrical design, thus the two different styles of chain. There is a fabulous vintage hand cut crystal bead that connects the chain to the focal portion of the necklace. See photos below for more detailed descriptions of the rest of the focal.

Wonderful hand cut crystal piece mentioned above is the connector of the chain to the focal.

Gorgeous focal is made up a vintage mother of pearl shell set into a gold ton setting with an oval set in tiny portion of detailed shells. I then attached another wonderful vintage pin portion that is the lovely palm trees on the right portion of the pin. From this focal there is a charm portion with a shell, gold dipped sand dollar and another found element in gold. Lovely piece.

Design 5

I decided to use a mix of copper pieces to create this necklace. Most of the elements are new with an exception of the vintage black button base and the mother of pearl vintage button that has been used as the main portion of the focal. There are some wonderful copper design elements available in the open market such as these that were used on this design. I try to meet the desires of a broad base of people, so thought I'd try a few copper designs mixed with vintage elements.

This new copper chain is a really nice chain and gives the piece a clean look.
Design 6

This is the other copper necklace I created to test out the interest with. I love how this is a mix of copper, reds and coral tones, with the mother of pearl to balance it all out.

I tarted out this focal with the wonderful patinaed red/coral vintage belt buckle, than layered a mother of pearl button, a redish/coral button, another mother of pearl button and finally the copper crown piece on top. This focal connects to the main portion of chain by a an oval copper ring which has a Fleur de leis in the center dangling from the oval.

The chain portion has an asymmetrical look to it, with found elements of metal pieces of coral attached to it on one side of the chain. The other side of the chain has a metal coral branch, copper bird, and copper floral pieces connected into that side of the chain.

This shows the clasp closure of the coral and copper necklace.

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