Monday, June 22, 2009

Lauren Conrad and Mimi-Toria's Jewelry

Good Morning! Those of you that have teenagers or young adults would be aware of whom Lauren Conrad is. For those of you that don't I'll fill you in. She was the main actress on the weekly show called "The Hills" based out of California and it has been very successful. Lauren is a fashion designer and has her own line of clothing in addition to her popularity through filming this show about her life. After many years of having a camera follow her around on a daily basis, she has decided to pursue some different interests and have a bit more privacy in her life. She has quite a following indeed, so most recently wrote a book about her life and is currently on tour doing a book signing. Thus the event I am writing about came to be yesterday on Fathers Day at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. My husband, Jon had to fly out to Chicago on Fathers Day, so Emily and I dropped him off at the airport and proceeded to go to the book signing Lauren was scheduled to do at 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Rotunda in the Mall.
Book Signing by Lauren Conrad
500+ people were ahead of us for the signing process.
Lauren was quick signing, but very friendly and personable.
It was great to see someone this famous, being so sweet.
We arrived around 1:15 and the crowd was quite large already. They had give out the 400 wristbands that guaranteed you would get your book of Lauren's signed during the signing period. However, there was an additional line down the hallway that was being formed in case she had time to sign more books, which we quickly got into. We were about number 550 for book signing. Contemplating whether we should wait or go shopping, we decided to stay. I went and bought her book for Emily and Emily held our place in line. Only the individuals that actually purchased the books could get onto the stage for the actual signing of books.
Lauren being friendly while signing her fans books.

Emily giving Lauren Conrad from "The Hills" jewelry that I designed.
Being a jewelry designer, I decided to give Lauren a gift from my Mimi-toria's Jewelry designs. I thought since she's a fashion designer she might appreciate this gesture and it would be a fun thing for Emily to be able to do as well. Emily is my daughter and she's in this photo giving Lauren the jewelry. Lauren was so sweet, and genuinely seemed to appreciate the gifts. We put it in a an ivory organza bag along with my business card. So Lauren, if you happen to be reading this blog about yourself, you can now know what a thrill you gave my daughter yesterday when she met you. Thanks for your time!

The necklace we gave to her in full view.

This is the necklace that Emily presented to Lauren. An "L" for Lauren, a crown for a princess and a bird to represent her taking flight in a new direction in her life. The pearls in the chain are a sweet addition which Lauren showed a lot of during this book signing. She signed for 2 hours straight with a 5 minute break to use the bathroom and stretch a bit.

A closeup of the elements in this necklace we gifted Lauren.

"Time Stands Still" funky ring we gave Lauren as well.

The smile on Emily's face is priceless, while Lauren is signing her book.

This will be a fun day to remember for both of us.

Leading up to the Actual Book Signing

Emily patiently waiting for her turn behind a young gal that we visited with while in line. She was here from Tennessee for the summer and was fortunate to be able to be a part of this event in Minnesota.
New friends we visited with while waiting in line. They were right ahead of us and had moved to Minnesota just 1 1/2 years ago from Tennessee. Visiting made the time go faster, for sure.

Emily and her friend, Kelly, just to the right in this photo are finally on the stage to get their books signed. Ahhhh, patience is a virtue!

Kelly, is from Emily's class in school and joined us in line
waiting and gets her book signed in this photo.

Kelly (left), Sharkey, and Emily (right) have a photo opp while waiting in line.
Sharkey is the mascot for "Underwater World", a tourist attraction at the MOA.

A random fan getting her book signed.
After the Book Signing

We left for Rotunda area for 1/2 hour after the girls got their books signed. Kelly went home. Emily and I then walked back over to see what was going on at the book signing, since we needed to take the escalator upstairs near there. Lauren had about 10 people left to sign their books, so we waited a bit outside of the roped off area and than saw her leaving. This is the photo I shot while she was exiting the stage area. She's such a gracious girl to her fans.

We didn't follow her out, but I did take this photo of the mob that did. Lauren is two people up from the security guard on the left bottom and one person over in the grey shirt. It got more jammed as they walked down the hall towards the exit. Lots of flashes going off and fans trailing behind her. Its a wonder she's opting for more privacy in her future life after her book tour.

The empty Rotunda area after the book signing was finished.

Just a 1/2 hour earlier there were hundreds of fans waiting and lined up.

Emily and I went to Starbucks and shared a nice cold smoothie and than did a little bit of shopping before heading home to a fulfilled day. We each got our favorite take-out food, rented a movie and watched it together. What a fun day we had! I sure do love my girl!


  1. How cool was that?!?!? You never know, you may see her wearing your design in People magazine! What a beautiful necklace, too!

  2. Gretchen - what an awesome day for you and your daughter! A fun memory for you and Emily - an autograph - and an opportunity for you to share your talent with someone - I bet she loved the necklace and ring - they're both really special!


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