Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silver Sunday

I love this silver stool that the above pieces are sitting on.  It was painted silver when I found and purchased it.  I also am a lover of tarnished silver pieces, and enjoy the newer silvered candle holders as well.
Wonderful patina on this silver dish.  The crystals are part of a vintage chandelier and I purchased the crystals as found to redesign jewelry with, but love them in this little bowl meanwhile.  I also collect heart shaped rocks and have a couple displayed in this dish.
Silver chain, silver bird and vintage silver rhinestone elements added along with a great porcelain vintage watch face, creates a one-of-a-kind design which I sell off of this blog, as well in local stores in Minnesota.
More silver rhinestones around the perimeter of this Eiffel Tower image, as well as silver chain, crown & eiffel tower charm.
Silver charms are always a win win with me.
I just love silver everything, like this vintage redesign bracelet I created.
This is my first Silver Sunday event I've participated in and am looking forward to doing more in the future.  Thank you to for sponsoring this event and letting me play along with it.


  1. Ahhhh...what beautiful silver pieces! I bought a candlestick holder like yours at a thrift store this week and will be adding it to my silver collection:)


  2. As always your jewelry is beautiful! The watchface pieces are my favs...Theresa

  3. Gorgeous silvers Gretchen....can't wait to see you in May!!!!! YIPPEE!!

  4. Such gorgeous pieces. I love the jewelry you create. I am really drawn to the ones with the watch faces.

  5. Beautiful, gorgeous silver!!! I love it all!! Love those heart shaped rocks too, I have always wanted to find one!
    Margaret B

  6. Hi Gretchen
    Thanks for popping over my way.. You have some lovely pieces here and the Eiffel Tower charms is quite fabulous!! Have a great week xx Julie

  7. Again Gretchen, I am thrilled with my watchface/birdnest necklace. I have just started raising some chickens since last Fall and we got out first egg the other day. My DH took a photo of me holding the egg and I was wearing the necklace at the time. I love the photo and plan to enter it in our county fair this summer. :) Happy Silver Sunday and have a super great week. ~ Lynn

  8. Mercury glass one of my all time favorites...your jewelry is also just as amazing! Welcome! thanks for participating in silver sunday...see you next month...
    {{gypsy hugs}}


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