Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Vintage Redesigns for January French Flea sale

Good day my friends.  I started later last night to post a blog with some new pretties I've been working on, but ran out of time.  I will attempt to get a few more pieces added this morning before I have to go to my day job.  The necklaces that show (available) may be purchased directly off of my blog.  Just email me at for details.  I charge $2.00 for shipping/handling.

10-J6   $44.00  (SOLD via blog)
This gold tone vintage floral piece is gorgeous in real life.  It has a wonderful mellow patina.  I've added vintage strands of chains at the bottom, as well as the cutest little flying sparrow (my signature).  Another sparrow style bird attaches by wire-wrapping methods to this focal right to the wonderful multi strand of chains to complete this piece.  Note the original clasp.

10-J7  $54.00  Two sided necklace is reversible (SOLD via blog)
Side #1
Side #2

This necklace is an assymetrical design.  Quite chunky and substantial.
Complete view of the necklace.

Necklace 10-J8  $49.00  (SOLD via blog)
Cool glass tile with Paris Eiffel Tower Image, vintage oval gold piece with signature sparrow bird attached and then is wire wrapped to gorgeous faceted freshwater pearls.

 I'll keep posting as I have time, but have to go to my non-creative day job now.   Enjoy!


  1. Very whimsical...I love it all!!

  2. I shouldn't be looking. I've been told I have an addiction! LOL! They all look beautiful!


  3. Love the reversible clock face/paris necklace.
    So pretty.


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