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Jewelry For Sale off of Blog - January 2010 - Items 1 - 23

Religious Medal Earrings
JB - 23
Jewlery shown in this blog post is current inventory that I have available for sale.  You can contact me at: if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.  I charge $2.00 shipping/handling fees which provides a box and a bubble mailer.  Minnesota state sales tax is an additional 7.275%.  After contacting me about a purchase, I will send you an excel invoice via an email, and you send me a check.  I will ship your item(s) as soon as I get your payment.  I do not have Paypal currently available for payment.
Any and all purchases are greatly appreciated, as my husband just lost his job on Monday, which was totally out of the blue.  Thanks for taking a peak, and if you're not interested, but know of a friend that might be, I'd appreciate any and all referrals.  Thanks!

  Life's A Journey Necklace
JB - 1
$42.00  (SOLD 1/29/10)
This vintage redesigned necklace is a combination of faux pearls and wonderful silver tone links. 
Length is 22" of chain with an addition of 3 1/2" of drop.  Birds nest is hand wire wrapped with 3
freshwater pearl bird eggs in it.

Gold Pearl Cluster/Clock Necklace

JB - 2
$29.00 (was $34.00)
23" gold vintage chain with Leaf and Pearl Cluster and vintage watch dial with an additional length of 2".

Sisters Coral Toned Necklace

JB - 3
$49.00 (DONATED)
Gold vintage redesign necklace consists of an assymetrical design with the vintage coral floral section up one side which beautifully coordinates with the vintage glass crystal prism which has "family" words as well as two sisters behind the glass.  The length of the chain portion is 27" with an additional 3" focal.  Very cool piece.

Ivory/Gold Necklace
JB - 4
$39.00 (was $49.00) SOLD 1/30/10
This vintage redesign has a beautiful gold with ivory beaded chain as well as lots of sparkle.  The three cool pebbled frosted ivory vintage beads really add beauty to this piece.  The antique gold focal is ornate and really is pretty in person.  26" length of chain with an additional focal of 2" and a dangle from that of 1 3/4".

 Art Deco/Bird Necklace
  JB - 5
(SOLD Blog 4/10)
Copper chain with Vintage Art Deco Euestechon Keyhole piece with hand wire wrapped birds nest with aqua eggs and copper sparrow charm dangle.  Gorgeous patina.  20" length of chain with an additional 4" focal length drop.
Vintage Black Key Hole/Bird Necklace
JB - 6
$42.00 (SOLD 2-11-10)
I personally love this necklace.  The chain length is 22" which has aqua faceted Czech glass beads set into the chain, and than the focal is a fabulous hand wire wrapped birds nest with 3 cooridinating birds eggs which attaches to a vintage black eustechon key hole piece with the words "nest" on it.  A copper charm with a gorgeous bird dangles from the bottom.

   Art Deco/Bird Necklace
JB - 6a (SOLD 2-10-10)

This is another one of my favorites.  I just love these hand wire wrapped birds nests, as well as mixing them with the cool copper elements.  This one has gorgeous copper elements that have a nice vintage patina to them.   Length is 21" in length with an additional 1 3/4" drop with the ARTFUL 1375 token.

White Czech Bird in Flight Necklace
JB - 7
$49.00 (SOLD FF March)
This necklace is a generous total length of 20" of strung Vintage faceted White Opaque Glass Czech beads with an additional 2" sterling silver chain length for making the necklace longer.  The focal is a gorgeous Vintage white Enamel pocket watch face with a silver bird attached to it.  Watch face is 1 3/4" round with a total drop length of 3"

  White Czech Tea Pot Necklace
JB - 8
(Not Available at the Time)
This necklace is 19" of strung Vintage faceted White Opaque Glass Czech beads with an additional 2" sterling silver chain length for making the necklace longer. The focal is a Vintage white Enamel pocket watch face with a silver bird attached to it. Watch face is 1 3/4" round.  The watch face is attached to some vintage rhinestone cool pieces, which means the total focal including the watch face has a total drop length of 3"
Gold Filigree Necklace
JB - 9
(Not Available at the Time)
This is a gorgeous 15" choker length necklace, with an additional 2" adjustable length to make it larger.  The vintage filigree hollow beads are gorgeous.  It has been paired with a vintage white enamel watch face which is attached to a vintage thick button and has the gold patinaed sparrow attached to the watch piece.  Love this necklace as well.

Vintage Blue Moon Gold Blue Moon Necklace 
JB - 10
$49.00 (SOLD 2-1-10)
This is a fabulous vintage redesigned necklace with a chain length of 30" and an additional focal length of 4 1/2".  The vintage gold filigree piece on this is very old, gorgeous and a generous 2 3/4" length.  I have added three blue quartz faceted oval flat round gemstones beads to make the design pop, and the faux white pearls really add to the overall look as well.

Ivory Button Key Necklace
JB - 11
$24.00 (SOLD 2-1-10)
Lovely vintage gold chain with length of 28" has a vintage key attached layered with two layers of vintage mother of pearl buttons and a pretty black rhinestone set floral motif.    Focal is 2 1/2" long.

Vintage Patina Button Necklace
JB - 12
(Not Available at the Time)
The 21" chain on this necklace is a antiqued gold new chain with an additional 3" additional length for making it 24" long.  The 1 1/4" round vintage button is layered with another vintage button that has a small blue mother of pearl inset in it.  A casual piece that would look awesome worn with blue jeans.

Paris Eiffel Tower w/Watch Necklace
JB -13
$49.00 (SOLD 1/29/10)
Another gold vintage redesign necklace, this time with an Eiffel Tower Paris theme.  The chain length is 25" with faceted bronze freshwater pearls wire wrapped into the chain, which are a coordinating color to the Eiffel Tower on the focal portion of the necklace.  There is also a vintage womens watch face with "The Fun Girl" in it, a vintage copper heart, vintage gorgeous button, vintage tassle, as well as a bird with more pearls dangling from it.  The oval gold meadallion attaching the Paris 1 1/2" glass square focal has etching as well as a sparrow attached to it.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind lovely piece.  2 3/4" is the total focal drop length on this piece.

Chunky White Pearls with Grey Necklace
JB - 14
 (Not Available at this Time)
18" of gorgeous faux white pearls with an additional 2 1/2" of sterling silver chain to make it longer.  This is hi-lited with a vintage rhinestone round bead attached to a layer of gorgeous vintage Mother of Pearl buttons.  White, grey and than a lovel rhinestone with grey vintage piece of jewelry creates this elegant focal.

Gorgeous Gold Thick Chain with Eiffel Tower
JB - 15
$44.00 Sale price $39.00
If you like gold, this is a gorgeous piece.  The chain portion is a 18" length very nice quality chunky style necklace with the addition of a gorgeous vintage button and Eiffel Tower Paris image under glass.  A gorgeous piece.  Gold is coming back, by the way!

White Enamel Leaf Necklace
JB - 16
$30.00 (was $39.00) (SOLD 2/3/10)
Vintage White Enamel necklace with vintage cool beads.  20" in length with an additional 2 1/2" to make longer.  The grey drop on this necklace is a cool vintage bed, and there are matching earrings that could be bought with this to create a set.

Grey Vintage Earrings
JB - 17
$15.00 (was $18.00) (SOLD 2/3/10)

White Enamel Necklace with Hands
JB - 18
(Not Available at the Time)
This is a fun necklace.  The white enamel watch face still has a hand on it, which is attached to an awesome black bakelite button wire wrapped pearl to a multi-strand silver chain.  Gorgeous vintage chain includes the cool clasp shown above.

Pearls/Gold with Floral Necklace
JB - 19
$39.00 (was $44.00) (SOLD 1/31/10)
31" Pearls/Gold Chain with vintage buttons and a gorgeous leaf with rhinestones set into vintage piece.  Focal is 1 1/4" long.

Faux Pearls with Coral Necklace
JB -20
(Not Available at the Time)
Vintage faux pearls with chain links and carved coral pieces set into a 18" length chain with an additional 3" for lengthening.  1 1/2" floral focal is hand carved.

Pearls and Locket Necklace
JB - 21
$44.00 (SOLD 2-1-10)
24" knotted vintage pearl necklace with an additional 3" of length.  The locket is vintage, but like new condition and a generous 2 1/2" length with space for two photos of your loved ones.  The total length of the focal portion of this necklace is 3 1/2".

Sisters Strung Necklace
(Not Available at the Time)
A gorgeous strand of vintage faux pearls and glass beads of a length of 24" with a vintage crystal prism with two sisters behind the glass.  Glass vintage prism is 2 1/2" length and is wire wrapped to the 24" strand of beads, for an overall length of  27".

Silver Bird in Flight Necklace
JB - 23
$32.00 (SOLD 2-11-10)
Silver bird in flight necklace has a silver tone vintage chain of 20" with a silver detailed silver bird flying which has a hand wire wrapped birds nest with 3 aqua eggs in it hanging from its mouth.


  1. Nice to see your vast collections of items used for designing jewelry. I appreciate your design which is used on jewelry. Its nice to see a such types of varieties.

  2. I especially like the ones that have a bird and a nest with three eggs in it. Very cool work.

  3. Thanks Jenn for your comment and for spending time on my blog. I need to get back to creating more of these little nests with the eggs in them. They sell as fast as I can create them. Have a blessed day!


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