Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giveaway and New Items Created

Good morning!  I am just going to post a little update about my giveaway.  It has been delayed due to a few reasons, but will still happen.  I'm sorry for the delay.  My hubbies car broke down, and he had to use mine, so was without a car.  Then I had out of town guests and wasn't able to make it into the store when it was going to be open to get the give away items to photograph and put up on my blog.  Honestly, it will still happen, but probably not now until next week.  I will have access into the shop on Friday night, our family is going out of town over the week-end for an early Thanksgiving with Jon's family and than we'll stay the night at our cabin.  When we arrive back home, I am expecting once again out of town guests for the rest of Sunday, so I'm a bit overwhelmed at this point to get it all situated before next week.  Thanks for understanding.
So onto some of the new jewlery I've been working on.  I've got a couple of different lines that I've been creating with.  One of them is these squares with Eiffel tower images behind them.  I will let the jewelry show for itself what it is becoming.
All previous photos are hi-liting details of this piece.  It is hand wire wrapped with the vintage crystals and the chain portions are vintage pocket watch sections.  An eiffel tower image has been set into the oval charm, the vintage pocket watch face dial has a wonderfully worn almost rusty patina to it and my signature bird is layered on the watch face.  Price for this piece is $54.
This eiffel tower necklace is one of my newest lines of jewelry.  It is a silver tone chain with the addition of hand wire wrapped vintage crystals with black wire.  A simple, but elegant piece.  Price for this is: $44
Another example of one of my newest designs.  A combination of beads and vintage chains are the backbone of this piece.  This one is $39.
This is the most simplest of the designs.  This one is priced at $29.

Let me know what you think of these new pieces through your comments. 
I appreciate each one of them, even though I don't always get back to you.


  1. More great eye candy!!


  2. Beautiful Gretchen~ as always!

  3. I think your talent is amazing. They are all little works of art.

  4. Gretchen

    You have had over 19,000 hits on your site.
    That is nuts!
    Great necklaces you have created once again.


  5. Hey girlie - these creations are fab, as usual! The Flea site looks great too!


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