Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15 Year Anniversary Sale at Antiques Downtown


15th Anniversary Sale
November 13, Friday, 10 - 8 pm;
 November 14, Saturday, 10-6 pm
November 15, Sunday, 10-6 pm

Come help me celebrate with my friends at Antiques Downtown in Elk River.  They are celebrating 15 years in business and are offering fabulous sale prices this week-end.  They are passing on to you and I their customers celebration savings starting:

This antique shop does a great job with providing their customers with true antiques, as well as an array of furniture and home furnishings that are updated with the new craze of painted black or white furniture.  They also do a nice job with displaying booths through out the shop to look like it might look in one's home such as part of this vendor booth above.

This area is on the upper level of this multi level shop (3 levels of shopping for your pleasure).  Notice how they've got a nice offering of white pieces here.  I personally am a fan of the black and white painted pieces, but they also offer a lot of in the rough as well as the mint finished furniture too.

This shop has a bounty of jewelry vendors and a very broad spectrum of jewelry available for sale.

Antiques Downtown in Elk River, has a number of new vendors they'd like you to come out and welcome to their shop. Some of the specialized vendors are in glassware, furniture, jewelry and collectibles. It is a wonderful place to spend time searching for some great treasures. This sale is worth your time!

Now would be a great time to start that holiday shopping and get some people checked off of your list. It would be a great year to go "Green" and recycle for gift giving. I've heard a lot of chatter amongst my friends that this is their plan for this years holiday gift giving. Won't you join in on the fun?


  1. WOW----another great Minnesotian store!!!! What are the prices like!?!

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  3. Thanks Gretchen for the blog post on Antiques Downtown. The prices are very good. Many people shop here to resale. If you have never been to the shop in Elk River this weekend is the time to come. Most booths have 20% off or more for the sale. We look forward to meeting you. Let us know you found us through Gretchens blog.


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