Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beachy Cabin Decor and Re Purposing Junk

Do you recognize the first photo of junk re purposing? It is a shabby style door header from a vintage home. I re purposed it by turning it into a shelf display by using its original top as a ledge here, and added 5 vintage hooks for hanging coats, hats, or decorative items at our cabin. It was a $5 find from a sale in the cities. The rusty beach shovel was a $1 find from another sale, the vintage print was a family item, the vintage aqua sailboat and star fish were from a thrift store.

This photo is a piece I made when we first bought our cabin 3+ years ago. I decorated our entire cabin from flea market finds, occasional store sales, thrift stores and/or garage sales. I decorated on the cheap, but yet love the finished product we were able to achieve which is one of a kind and well within the budget. This is a vintage discarded six pane window that still had good glass in it, so I printed out 6 family vacation photos on our home computer of a trip we had taken near Playacar, Mexcio and just attached them to the back temporarily. Really like how this turned out.

I really like others thrown out junk. lol Many of you know that I'm a contributor on the site called Junk Market Style based out of Minnesota, which I really enjoy being a part of. To see more of my past posts you can go to this site. My most recent post is at this link, but if you click on my name it will take you to all past posts I've ever done. A very cool tool and fun thing to know about using this wonderful site. There are so many great ideas here, so go check it out when you have time if you don't already know about it.

Here the photo shows a corner area of one of the rooms at our cabin. The chippy white with aqua, the 1/2 moon side table and the reading lamp are all occasional shop finds from a former shop in Paynesville that was called Thrifty Chicks. It is no longer there, but was a great resource of this cabin decor.

Jon is reading while sitting on my $2.64 love seat from GW (Goodwill) and has his feet up on my $2.00 garage sale coffee table found in New London one Saturday morning. The Shabby Chick brand slip cover was new purchased for $6 at a garage sale in the cities and fits this piece perfect.

The cabin is rather new. Just about five years old now, but about two years old when we bought it. It is a very comfortable building and the exterior is maintenance free with heat, air conditioning and such amenities. This is above the wet bar area which is our kitchen. I have used a mix of glass bottles, architectural white chippy elements and a cool vintage beachy tin.

Shells, a mix of natural items are a display on our counter in this area.

All of these finds were from thrift stores. I'm a lover of cloches, candles and shells.

This "relax" sign says it all. That is what we love to do out at our cabin. We feel fortunate and blessed to have a rural get away for our family. Our daughter, Emily, isn't loving it so much, but I'm sure when she's an adult she'll want one of her own to provide family memories for years to come. Lots of thrift ed items and touches of aqua with the chippy white is the decor in this part of our cabin. We stayed with the wall colors that were already there, as the guy that was the previous owner had down such a nice job.

I also have a love for vintage colored bottles. My favorite is the light aqua or pale lavenders. More shells, beach items and lots of vintage cool blue/aqua books. Our ski boat is in the white frame in the middle and many hours are spent each summer enjoying boating and water skiing. The colored photo above is a print that shows all of the local lakes in relation to our cabin.
I hope you enjoyed a peak at one area of our cabin that gives our family a lot of relaxation.


  1. You are so thrifty!! All of the beach decor has me wistfully wishing for summer to return!

  2. Your cabin looks so inviting and relaxing! Love the pale yellow on the walls and all of your wonderful finds. Thanks for sharing Gretchen!

  3. Love your blog and thanks so much for entering the clipboard giveaway....I hope you come back often, I have added you to my favorites!


  4. Gretchen, love your cabin! Great finds. I too love shells and am missing summer greatly. So nice you have a little get away to enjoy some sun and water fun.

  5. Gretchen

    I just found your note on my blog after I left you a comment about your blog redo:) So very sweet thank you!! So glad to meet you and hear that we have Knights. Thank you again for stopping by. Kate


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