Thursday, November 12, 2009

100th Post Giveaway Coming Here Soon

What shall I offer?

Maybe, one of these lovely Swedish crystals turned into a fabulous necklace???
100th Post giveaway is on my mind lately, and today is actually my 100th post. So in celebration of this exciting point on my blog, I plan to bring you my readers a wonderful giveaway soon. I say soon, because I am currently over my head with commitments through this week-end, and I want this giveaway to be well worth your while. I plan to have 3 different giveaways. One will be a fabulous $49 value piece of jewelry that I've created for Mimi-Toria's line at the French Flea, another will be a less expensive jewelry item, and finally the third will be home decor products. I am busy gathering my items and will post this early next week for the giveaway. If you care to leave comments or suggestions as to what you'd like to see offered as a giveaway, now is your chance. Comment away, while I'm busy working at the French Flea's occasional sale.
A mixture of styles of jewelry that I create for the "French Flea" in Anoka, MN.  This shop is an occasional style store, so has limited days of operation, but when its open its a fabulous shopping experience.  On the right is a pearl and Paris image Swedish crystal.  It could also be created into a ball chain style necklace for a more casual feel.  I also do button style necklaces, rings, and my trademark pocket watch with sparrow flying bird.

A frame filled with vintage redesign style necklaces.

Mimi-Toria's jewelry trademark is beautiful pocket watches with the bird flying.


  1. Gorgeous Gretchen....can't wait for your giveaway. Also, I was wondering if the French Flea only carries vintage items or are some items new as well>
    Happy day.

  2. Ohhhh, pick me, pick me!! Love your jewelry Gretchen...can't wait to see what you have to offer! 100 posts already? Wow!

  3. Yeah Gretchen! 100th post! Thaat is really awesome. Of course I love all your jewelry so anyone of your desings would be great for anyone to win. That is so sweet of you to do. I'll be checking back to see what you come up with. Good luck this weekend with the French Flea.

  4. Girls, get in line! LOL! I want one of those necklaces to add to my already expanding collection!!!! LOL!


  5. Thanks Donna, Lani and Cassie for your comments. Janis, the French Flea does have some newer items, as one of the owners had a shop "Three French Hens" across the street, and is selling a few of her wares through out some of each sale events. Mostly things are to be re purposed, but in Minnesota, you don't find too much Frenchy stuff to fill a whole store. I'll pm you later.

  6. I said on FB, everything looks YUMMY! I want that clock necklace...seriously! Email me with the price!

  7. hi gretchen !!!! thanks so very much for your sweet comment on my blog !!!!! I just got back from Silver Bella and Kari (artsymama ) said I should contact you about Junk Bonanza... she said i should come do the show next year ... Anyways, would love for you to email me so we could chat about it !!

  8. I suggest strongly the white necklace with the white clockface. :-) Hey Gretchen!

  9. Gretchen, your designs are truly lovely! Congrats on keeping up with your posting - I love looking at your work!


  10. Hi Gretchen
    I love how you recreate something old and something new in your design work. Each piece is truley a work of art. I could wear all three pieces!
    Marilynn Beesley


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