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Vintage Redesigns in This Blog are Available for Purchase

Vintage Redesigns in This Blog are Available for Purchase
If you are interested in purchasing any of these designs, please contact me at:
Shipping on items is $2 - $3 depending on the weight of the piece and there is
a 6.90% Minnesota state income tax fee added as well.
Thanks for looking! I appreciate any and all comments as well.
Design # 1
Brass w/Red & Pink Necklace

32" Length chain with a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Round Focal

Detailing of the Chain

Lovely 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Focal . Beautifully detailed.

Design #2
Mirrored Necklace

Very cool vintage square focal w/mirror flip out perfect for touch ups on the go.
Focal is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" with a chain length of 30".

Flip out mirror. Three tiny vintage glass buttons have been worked into the asymmetrical
design of this necklace, and they accent the crystals on the mirror front.

Lovely vintage gold chain as well as baroque vintage glass pearls make up this chain. One side is all gold chain, and the other side has the 3 tiny blue buttons and than the rest is the baroque pearls. The chain length of this necklace is 30".

Design #3
Gold with a Touch of Black
$49.00 (SOLD)

This necklace is truly stunning in person. The chain length is 26" and there is an
additional 3 1/2" drop which includes the focal and the dangling beads below the focal.

Gorgeous vintage focal. 2 x 2" with lots of great detailing.
The beads drop down an additional 1 1/2" below the focal.

Details of the gorgeous vintage glass ivory beads. They have
been accented with wonderful vintage black bead caps as well.

Design #4
Pink/Grey Delite

This is a very beautiful piece in person. The charcoal grey focal is very pretty and with the pink accent rhinestones, I have set them off with the additional use of black wire and vintage glass pink beads of a variety of shapes and sizes. All components in this necklace are hand wire-wrapped.

Details show the awesome vintage glass bead variety used in this piece as well as the time consuming technique of wire-wrapping. This is an heirloom quality necklace.

Hook closure clasp which is handmade. This square focal is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" in size and the chain length is 18". Overall length including the focal is 19 1/2".

Design #5
The Family Necklace

A wonderful vintage crystal is the focal in this lovely necklace. Two girls are the photo which has been transposed onto the glass prism. The "family" dictionary description is the wording above the gals. Prism is a generous 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" in size.

Length of this wonderful vintage mix of glass crystals and baroque faux pearls is 24". There is one wonderful faux pearl wire wrapped and than the glass focal is wire wrapped to it. The total length of this necklace with the focal is 27". A beautiful warm toned necklace.

Design #6

Coral beads are the accent in this necklace. There are four large hand carved pieces of coral set into this design. The coral beads are approx. 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. The chain length is around 20" with an additional 2 1/2" extension for added length.

Lovely rose focal is 2" x 1 3/4" in size.

Detailing of the lovely carved coral beads
accenting the vintage faux ivory pearls.

Detailing of the additional extension on this necklace
which will make it longer to go with your style.

Design #7
The Proposal Necklace

Lovely vintage couple looks like he is proposing to his lady.
Wonderful detailing on this focal which is a generous 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" size.

The chain length of this necklace is 28" with an additional 3" extension.
Overall length with the focal is 30 1/2".

This necklace has some very unique and gorgeous bead detailing in it.
All elements are vintage.

Design #8
Bird Takes Flight


This necklace is very unique. It is 19" in length of the chain portion,
but than has an additional 3 1/2" in the focal drop.

A lot of really cool vintage found elements were used in this necklace design. The vintage buckle, the cool pale yellow stone pieces, and the chocolate brown silk ribbons.

All vintage elements are in this design with the exception of the bird.
The bird is a Vintaj element.

Design #9
Autumn Leaf

Lovely leaf focal is 2 x 2".
Chocolate brown silk ribbon accents.

Lots of length in this necklace. The chains are 4 strands on each side hi-lited by 1 vintage swirl golden/brown bead and chocolate brown silk ribbon on each side. The overall chain length is 33" with an additional 2" length of leaf focal.

Design #10
Swirl Bead Earrings

Great earrings to go with any of the Designs #8, #9 and #11.

Design #11
Princess necklace

Lovely glass prism with lady and the word "Princess" showing through.
Lovely small gold/yellow heart accent, vintage yellow glass bead and
chocolate brown silk ribbon are the detailing of this lovely piece.
Multi-chain gold is 24 1/2" longest chain length.

Details of focal.

Design #12
White/Black Leaf Necklace


White and black necklace is 18 1/2" with an
additional 3" extension.

The final leaf and additional white and
grey beads add 3 1/2" to the length.

More details.

Design #13
Mamas Nest
$59.00 (SOLD)

This is a very cool necklace, just filled with fabulous details. The focal is so fun right down to the details of the freshwater pearl bird eggs, vintage chandelier crystal beads and tree branch with nest and birds on it.

This necklace is comprised of two individual strands. The inner strand is all vintage white, black and grey glass beads and is 20" The outside strand which has the focal attached to it is 22".

Lovely vintage rhinestone connectors have been used.
A wonderful birds nest and vintage rhinestone button
hi-lite the additional 2" extension chain lengthener.

Details of birds nest and rhinestone button.

Design #14
#1400 Brass/Turquoise
$49.00 (SOLD)

Note the fabulous vintage brass clasp that is used as a focal along with three
very cool vintage turquoise w/gold beads.

A brass number 1400 is along one side of the necklace along with
wonderful vintage chunky brass chain and a gorgeous vintage
turquoise, black and gold swirl bead.

This is gorgeous in person and really a fun necklace to wear.
It is a great conversation piece and such a one-of-a-kind design.
Necklace length is 24". The brass focal and turquoise beads add
an additional 1 3/4" length.

This is the details of the clasp and the dangles that accent. it.

Design #15
Time worn Luck
$39.00 (SOLD)

This is again a very unique necklace and the photos don't show its true beauty.
The vintage worn chain brings such a warmth to the overall look of this piece as does the four leaf clover with the three rhinestone set in stones in the middle of the clover.

This is such a pretty necklace. So warm and muted in colors.
The pearls are wonderful vintage baroque pearls. All elements
are vintage. Length of chain part of necklace is 26" and the
four leaf clover with tassel add an additional 3" in length.

Details of the clasp closure.

Design #16
Fleur de lis Earrings

These earrings are to coordinate with the below necklace.
Note the fleur de lis in the lower center of these earrings.
The cool beads are vintage and very translucent.

Design #17
Filigree w/Green

These earrings are comprised of vintage brass filigree round pieces & Swarovski green
crystals. Lots of wire-wrapping on these earrings. Very swingy.
These earrings are also to an option to go with the below necklace.

Design #18

This is a lovely redesign with several key elements. I love the rich seafoam green gold locket that is the focal of this design. The locket is 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" in size. A large vintage opalascent bead that has been in my pocession for 35 years is used in this piece, and connects the next great design element which has filigree with clear & green rhinestones.

The gold chain length measures 19" and has an additional 3 1/2" extension chain that can make it even longer. The locket portion, focal bead and filigree piece add an additional 3 1/2" to the length. Note the lovely green flower detail that drops off of the extension portion of the necklace.

Details of the clasp closure and extension chain.

Design #19
Lock & Key
$39.00 (SOLD)

Two strand necklace has vintage faux pearls with a vintage unique button focal that has a brass lock, key, pearl detail, watch parts, and ribbon attached. This is a 16" strand with a 2" round focal.
The second strand is all chain with a length of 23" and an tassle that is 2 1/2" long.

Details of the button focal and tassle.


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