Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bridal Shower Jewelry

I hope you all had a great day of rest and relaxation over the last week-end. Our family was out at our cabin and I was able to spend some uninterrupted time in my flower gardens out there planting new flowers, weeding and watering. It was a nice change.

I've been meaning to blog about a recent shower I helped with as well as Michelle's wedding day, but my last two weeks have been so busy that I've not gotten to it yet, so finally with some time off from my day job, I am hoping to get caught up with my blog as well as get creatively inspired with designing new jewelry.
A Bridal Gift - White/Black Necklace

The first photo shows the focal portion of this necklace that I designed especially for Michelle. She is the sweetest gal, and I wanted to make something beautiful, sparkly and feminine for her shower gift from Emily and I. Emily is my 14 year old daughter and she as well as I think pretty highly of this bride-to-be, Michelle. She has since been married, but at the time this was the shower we were helping give for her.
The special bride, Michelle with her Mom, Carolyn, my best friend.
I think of these two gals as family.

This necklace has a lot of fun elements mixed into its design. I kept it white, black and clear to keep it very versatile and something that could be grabbed and worn with most anything.
As you can see the entire necklace is hand wire-wrapped. This time consuming process really adds to the overall beauty when using white and clear, as it is really show cased with the black wire-wrapping. A girl has to have sparkle, so several rhinestone elements were included in this design.

A hand wire-wrapped hook clasp was created for the closure and is used with a mother of pearl open circle.
Included in her bridal shower gift from Emily and I was the necklace I am modeling in this photo, a pair of post earrings to match the necklace and the black headband with vintage rhinestone brooch. Michelle will look stunning with any or all of these pieces. She is a beautiful girl and can really pull of the look of my jewelry as well as any vintage jewelry she chooses to wear. Take another look at the Mother/Daughter photo of her and the fabulous Great Aunties necklace she was wearing. Awesome!

My 14 year old daughter, Emily was a great help with the shower. Thanks Em! You're the best-

Carolyn, the mother of the Bride has a lovely home, so the shower was at her house. Between Carolyn and I we had most of the crystal pieces that were used to set up this luncheon for the shower. We merchandised it ahead of time to see how things would look and used boxes and different items to give us multiple levels to make the serving pieces show cased better.

Lots of healthy great food was served with the help of a lot of hands helping out with providing food and beverages. It was a group effort and turned out to be a lovely shower.

The table all ready for presentation and being consumed.


  1. Gretchen
    What a wonderful post about
    Michelle's shower. Thanks for
    all the kinds words. Your pictures
    turned out really good. Too bad the fun is all over. I
    wish I could do it all again. I
    was so glad you and Emily came to
    my rescue.
    Thanks my friend.

  2. Gretchen, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing your gardening tips. Your blog is lovely as well as your jewelry.

  3. Gretchen, you did a beautiful job on Michelle's necklace. I particularly love the black chain with the white. Michelle looked gorgeous, as always. And the food and presentation looked incredible, too. Great job!


  4. Gretchen! "Wow" is all that comes to mind when I read your latest post. First of all, the jewelry is GORGEOUS, the food table was prepared wonderfully, and your daughter and Carolyn's are just beautiful girls! Please say "hi" to Carolyn from me - she is a very sweet girl and no suprise that you two are good friends! Love this post! Take care and have a nice weekend! Andrea

  5. Gretchen - beautiful jewelry - love the hand wiring! I've got friends that are like family too - what a blessing!!!



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