Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"The French Flea" May 1 & 2 and 13-17

"The French Flea"
May 1st first sale event of our new venture.

A line begins to form before opening.

Gretchen and Peggy checking out Shayne. Note that the Fleur box which is black and white in front of Peggy is already sold. It is shown in the next photo in the display it was in before being nabbed by a shopper.

Before I get back to sharing on my blog about jewelry items, I just wanted to share a blog post about the wonderful new shop I'm blessed to be a part of. It is in Anoka, Minnesota and is an occasional sale shop, so only open a few days a month. The month of May, we had two sales at "The French Flea", as we decided to get in on the annual "Diva Days" event that Anoka celebrates. It was a smart move on our part, and gave us a great beginning.

We then only had 9 days to gather our goods, re purpose, paint, and or design our stuff for the next sale which started with a bang on May 13th. The shop was open from 3-7 pm for a customer appreciation gathering with beverages and snacks served out back on our wonderful courtyard area. It was a fun evening and a lot of merchandised was sold in those 4 hours.

During the 9 days we had to in between sales, I spent the Saturday before Mothers' Day working on jewelry. I was awake for 16 1/2 hours that day, and for 15 hours sat at my kitchen table toiling away designing jewelry. I also worked some more at our cabin on Mothers' Day finishing a few more pieces. It was well worth it, as I was selling my pieces quickly, but this upcoming month I plan to pace myself. lol
Fleurs "flowers" box.
Mimi-Toria's Jewelry Area
My jewelry display area set up in the shop.
Women shopping my jewelry area early on in the sale event.
Furniture and Great Displays
See photos below.
French Flower Shop Area
Fun gardening goods are included in the shop items that are available for purchase.
Julie helps a customer carry her purchases to our hold area, so she can continue shopping. This is our outdoor courtyard area that they are in. More photos of this area later.
Family and Friends joined us for the kick off event.
Part of my family. All of us four sisters are shown standing. L to R. Ingrid, Karen, Gretchen (me) and Sandy. Kneeling is Julie, my niece (Sandy's daughter) and seated is Ginny our Step-Mom. Thank you for your support!
Carolyn and I on opening day. Carolyn has been so wonderfully supportive of this new venture I've been on. I couldn't find a more supportive and helpful friend than what she has been to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My wonderful longevity friend, Laura. She is so sweet. She brought me a May basket in the middle of the first day sale. How cool is that. I appreciate your 15 years of friendship, Laura.

I met Shayne (center) at another Occasional Sale and she is the owner of Style Minneapolis a fabulous shop in South Minneapolis. She and her friend were great customers at this sale and found some great treasures they just had to have.

This young Mom, was so cute with her three precious daughters. They were the most well-behaved girls ever. Thanks for coming and sharing this opening day with us.

My next blog post will be featuring the jewelry pieces that I currently have for sale and will be available for purchase off of this blog. If you are interested, please stay tuned, as I hope to post these pieces in the next day or so.


  1. Everything looks great! How nice for your sisters, stepmom and niece to join you! Love the area where you sell your jewelry...the doors are cool. Thanks for sharing! Talk to you soon, Andrea

  2. Gretchen - love "sharing" in your opening day moment!! Good luck to you!



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