Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silver Handled Condiment Server Tutorial

The goods...
My as found piece of silver, which appears to be in the form of a vintage condiment server. Wash well with warm soapy water.  Dry thoroughly.  Measure the diameter of each of the cut out holes and write down, so you remember what size you are looking for when out shopping. :)
 Notice beautiful details on the handle.
For my particular silver piece I needed to purchase 5 glass containers that measured the same diameter as the holes.  I brought along my silver piece to the store the next time I was out running errands, so that I could be sure they would fit down in at the correct level.  I highly recommend you do the same, and plan to bring your item with you.  It saves time and $ now that gas is so high with returns if you buy the wrong size.
This photo shows how the glass containers should fit into your piece.
Let the fun begin...

Fill it with whatever your little <3 heart desires.

Be it M & M's for the chocolate lover...
condiments for your summer picnics...
jewelry on your dresser...
or like me
jewelry findings for my jewelry business.
Don't you just love easy tutorials????

Please share ~
What's your secrets to organizing smalls such as this?


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