Friday, April 1, 2011

Shop Update:

Thank you to all of my blog shopping customers for your past patronage and your patience waiting for me to list new items for you to view and/or purchase.  I am currently spending my time preparing for income taxes, which I am scheduled to have done next Thursday. 
After that I plan to list new items on my SHOP tab (see the top of my blog page, right above each of the new blog post I write), which you can click on and it will open you to a new page filled with jewelry to purchase.  Currently there are some items still for sale in the SHOP tab, but I haven't had time to update that tab lately.  I do have a lot of items I can add for your purchasing, but need the time to do so.
I also will be adding a SHOP SALE page for items that I've had in inventory for a bit longer than I'd like and plan to discount them online for your shopping options.
Stay tune for these updates, which I hope to have completed the week of April 15th.
Again, thank you for your friendships, your following of my blog, and your loyalty.

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