Monday, January 10, 2011

A Word to Live by...2011

Wow!  Is this ever a challenge for this girlie.  I am so not a "one" word person.  Anyone that knows me knows that my detailed personality translates over from my jewelry design details right on through to my details in words.  I am such a wordy person that it takes me 100 words to say what my dh would say in 7.   Long story short picking one word for 2011 is a major task for me.

I promise I started thinking about what this word should be way back on December 26th.  :)  ha ha  I had a very short period of time where our family snuck away to our cabin for a little after Christmas rest.  Most of it was spent with the family, but I did sneak outside in the freezing cold to capture a couple of photos for this post.  The above photo is our cabin which has been layered with a "word" texture .
I spent some time outside at our cabin looking at this gorgeous sunset, noticing how cool my flower gardens looked buried in the snow, and just generally photographing the beauty surrounding our "Lakeview Cottage" and  than reflecting on what my word for 2011 should become.

And I waited, and waited, and pondered some more... A lot of words came, but I was only to pick one. How would I ever be able to do this? What do I want 2011 to be about? How could I choose between all of the words in our vocabulary?
        rec·re·ate (rek′rē āt′)
to put fresh life into; refresh or restore in body or mind,
 esp. after work, by play, amusement, or relaxation 

I was feeling the pressure was between Christmas and New Years.  Almost New Years Day.  What should my word be?  I thought and thought, and thought and came up with the word "Redesign".   You see I am a jewelry designer that does "Vintage Redesign" with each object I create.  I need to "Redesign" my blog, so that it is a better tool to interface with my followers as well as my customers, and easier to purchase items from my blog.  I need to "Redesign" my Studio space.  I need to "Redesign" a large portion of our living space in our home that has been awaiting my attention.  I need to "Redesign" my body and get back on my healthy lifestyle choice, and I need to "Redesign" some personal areas in my life for my future 50 years of my life.  So, "REDESIGN" is what I chose.  But was I sure?
in·spire (ĭn-spīrˈ)
to motivate; to stimulate; to provoke;
to influence; to encourage

Nope...I wasn't sure.  The word "inspire" kept coming to me.  I "inspire" to be a better person in 2011.  I "inspire" to be a better Mom, Wife, Friend and Sister in 2011.  I "inspire" to grow in my jewelry design business, and as a jewelry designer.  I "inspire" to learn to do more effective photography and photo editing.  I "inspire" to learn new things in 2011.   I "inspire" to be a better blogger.  I even plan to "inspire" some of you in 2011 through my blog.  I "inspire" to share more tutorials and how-to's on my blog as well.  So, "Inspire" is what I chose...

Wait you say...  That's two words.  "Redesign" and "Inspire".  Guess what?  I'm breaking the rule.  I am so not a rule breaker, but I'm starting 2011 with being a rule breaker.  I'm choosing two words to live by in 2011.  I maybe should have chosen "motivation" as both of my words are motivational words, but "Redesign" and "Inspire" are what kept coming to me through my pondering.

What about you?  Are you sharing in on the fun?  Have you spent time thinking about a word for 2011 to represent your aspirations?  What have you chosen?  Do share...

For those of you that haven't heard of this movement.  Take some time to think about your hopes, your dreams, your goals and your plans for 2011, and see if a word doesn't pop up to claim as your own.  It's kind of fun!

Below is a list of words that a group I'm involved with as well as my addition are some great words to get you started.  Go ahead, spend some time and ponder too.  What do you want  your 2011 to be about?  Now remember, you can only choose one, unless you're like me. :)  A rule breaker...   :)


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  1. Such an inspiring idea Gretchen...I'll have to think on this and decide what my word will be!!
    Sending New Year blessings your way...thank you so much for the lovely Christmas message! Such a beautiful family shot!


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