Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland...

So for those of you that aren't aware,
 my area of MN,
 has thus far received
 40 + inches of snow this year.
I can continue to be depressed about it,
or figure out a way to enjoy it.
My husband, Jon
found just the remedy.
Well, it's high time I decide to enjoy it,
since I'm living here.
This photo was taken 
on the way to our new adventure.
This little one lane bridge
is such a quaint site.
Jon and I after skiing - self portrait :)
My husband, Jon,
 has skied 21of the last 25 days
and has been loving it.
He finally got
me to join in on his adventure.
There was the most
from the
Look out, rookie...
having fun!
 Can't beat it,
than join it.
 a Beautiful
Park Reserve
setting with
cool bridges
Both groomed trails,
for backwoods
style skiing
for the
new craze,
skate skiing.
Jon loves his new skate skis.
He's loving the speed
they provide him...
a true man.
They feel the need for speed!
We're both happy!!!!

What a fun adventure
we had,
and will continue to have.


  1. great pics! enjoy the snow...we getting hit again with it.
    someday i must try cross country skiing...i think i'd like it.

  2. beautiful photos! Makes me wanta go skiing!!!!
    --I'm a rookie, too!
    40+yrs, living in snow country--Vt, and I never learned to ski, until my new hubby gave me lessons, one Christmas we spent in Vt, after having moved to Fl. the year before!
    I so wish that we still had our place in Vt to fly in and out of for a few days of skiing like this!!!

  3. Love the pictures! What a fun thing to do with your loved one! I would love to try snow shoes instead of cross country skiing.

  4. Judi - Thanks! Yes, do indeed try skiing. I've actually had my skis for years, but just recently got new comfy boots (amazing difference from my old ones), and my hubby let me use his skis (much better than my older pair). Equipment can really make it funner, if you have the right stuff.

    Victoria - Glad to see you're in the sunshine, but sad to see your hubby has had a stroke and you aren't able to do the fun stuff anymore. I'll do a ski run in your honor tomorrow. You can be with me in spirit and you can soak up some Vitamin D on your face for me in Florida.

    Tricia- Thanks alot too. It was way more fun than I'd imagined it. We've skiied a few times through out the years together, but never on groomed trails, nor with the equipment I used and have now. Makes a difference! It was so peaceful and beautiful where we were skiing and the fluffy huge snow flakes made it magical. Almost romantic. ;) lol

  5. Loved seeing your pictures! The snow is so pretty to look at, but I have had my fill of it here and we don't get that much. Not wishing my life away, but I am ready for Spring.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. You guys look so cute and the snow looks beautiful! Don't know why we never went when we lived there. I guess we just did the snowmobile thing instead. Put the little girl on a plane back to beautiful MN this morning.
    Keep warm!

  7. Looks like fun! We love to snow ski...have never cross country skied before though. The pictures of Jon coming over that bridge could be made into postcards!

    It is snowing AGAIN here today! I guess you are right - if you can beat 'em, join 'em!!


  8. Oh my, that looks so beautiful! And, I think it all sounds very romantic! I must also say that it sounds like hard work too. I even wonder if I'd have the coordination to do it. Even though some winters we have plenty of snow here in Nebraska, there isn't much cross country skiing that goes on. I know you all get far more snow.

  9. wow... what beautiful pictures!!! and I was just whining about the snowfall we have had here in PA... I didn't realize you had that much!!! Oh, I guess we just have to deal with it until Mother Earth refreshes herself in the spring. Happy Winter!! xoxo


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