Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vintage Redesign Residing in North Dakota "SOLD"

Yesterday, was a day to remember. I spent it with two of my great friends that live here in Minnesota, and with four of our new friends we met through Junk Market Style website and are from North Dakota and are named the Junk Fest Gals. I had a ball with these great new friends and felt like we've known each other forever. I mean that in a good way!
I will post another time about our gathering, but for now I'm going to feature one of my new designs that I had made last week which was bought by one of our new friends. It is rather unique and one of my first designs like that, so I'm flattered and thrilled that she loved it instantly as I put a lot of time and love into its design. I wanted it to go to someone that would appreciate it and give it a good home. Some items are just that way when you design them. This was such with this necklace. I spent a lot of time on it to get it just right, and feel like in the end, it was as it should of been. It finally all came together. Being a perfectionist can have its downs and this would be one of them, but a up or plus for those of you purchasing items, as I like them to be right. I mention this because, I see a lot of jewelry thrown together, little time taken with the design of them, and then high prices put on their pieces. I take the time to do things right, and hopefully in the details you will see and notice this too. I'm not perfect, but I do try to make things right the first time. Just part of my personality. So enough said, and onto the necklace being showcased. Necklace is SOLD. All photos below are of the same necklace, but showing different portions of the total design.

A full view of the necklace. More details will be included on closer up photos below.

This is the focal of the necklace. There is the beginning with the vintage rhinestone roundel and vintage black Czech bead attached to a brass background with a lovely crown layered on top of that. Attached to the brass connector is a semi-precious bead which I love to work into my designs (see Spring Time in Paris post from in March). The semi precious bead is smokey quartz and I have had this lovely strand of faceted strand in my possession for quite some time, just waiting for the right inspiration. I have wire wrapped this bead at this focal location and there again will be a close up of this later down the post. The final element in this focal on this design is a found element. It is a brass filigree button that dangles just beautifully to finish of the focal part of this piece.

This photo shows a great example of the wire wrapping on the smokey quartz portion of this design.

This photo shows both sides of the chain and starting with the top length there is a black roundel bead which connects to the butterfly which connects to a vintage rhinestone roundel. There is a length of chain at this point and than the next grouping which is a Bali silver bead, vintage rhinestone roundel, red vintage bead, roundel, Bali bead repeat.

The chain closest to the type is totally different. It has another of the great smokey quartz semi precious beads linked to a very cool vintage gold key which has a lion inscribed on it which has been wire wrapped to another section of gold chain.

This portion of the necklace shows both sides laying on the vintage book. From the top down there is another smokey quartz, vintage black Czech bead, and a butterfly set into the chain and on the side closest to the typing there is one more of the black Czech beads as well as a very large faceted tiger eye semi precious bead.

Focal details shown of wire wrapping and how this piece looks while be worn vs. flat on a book for photographing.

Part of the overall necklace shown.

Another view.

Because of the longer length of this necklace there was no reason to use a clasp, so this is what the top part of the necklace looks like. It looked great on the gal that bought it and I'm hoping she'll love it for a lifetime.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Glad you ladies had a great time!! They posted they were on their way to junking......of course to Minnesota!! There's alot of junkin' going on over there!! LOL!!

  2. Wow- your wire wrapping is incredible- you added so many great elements to that necklace.

  3. Gretchen....thank you SO MUCH for sharing your designs with us in person! Each one was unique and beautiful! I really enjoyed meeting you, Carolyn, and Lani. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend!

  4. Very nice as usual!

    I see we have some very similar tastes....

    I LOVE Smoky Quartz but I can never find any out here---usually find a few pieces when I go to visit my Mom---always hoard it when I do get some!

    Also noticed your lion key right away---I have a couple in my stash that are very similar. Saw the lion, thought they were so cool & just had to have them....

    &, of course, your rhinestones!!!

    Thanks for showing this special piece!

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for your hospitality!! We had a great time meeting you and Caroline and Lani! It was so nice of you to take the time to show us around...We felt like old friends before the salads were even served!

    We are SOOOOO JEALOUS of you new store site! Thank you for showing it to us...after seeing your creative jewelry creations, we know you will have nothing but success!

    We certainly hope you will be taking a road trip of your own... headed in our direction. September 11th or 12th would be great choices. :)

    I'll be in touch about that custom necklace (something silver, numbered, turqouise & fun) Thanks again for everything! Really, it was so NICE of you all! Lynette

  6. Gretchen, Thanks so much for visiting me today! I love your beautiful Necklace, it has so many elements, just perfectly combined. :)

  7. your newest creation - all the elements work so perfectly together! I know your new business venture will be a huge success!

    And how much fun to meet THE Junk Fest girls! I'm jealous!!

  8. Gretchen, we had a great time getting to know you girls! Isn't is funny how we get to know each other by blogging and then when we finally meet it's like running into an old friend. We truly had a wonderful time on our trip...MN just has something good around every corner.

    And I absolutely LOVE my sweet vintage redesigned necklace!!! I'm not one to impulse shop, but as soon as I laid eyes on that one I knew it was the perfect mix of elements for me. I will find significance in each and every piece to represent a place, a time or a special person that has been in my life. You truly put great thought into your pieces and bring it all together so tastefully. Thank you!

    Missy (a JunkFest girl)

  9. This piece is stunning, Gretchen, and I can totally see how Melissa fell in love with it.

    I think it's awesome that the Junk Girls took a road trip your way! Great fun!


  10. Gretchen,

    How cool it is to have met you, Carolyn and Lani after admiring your jewelry, hard work and cool junk over these blogs! I love your outgoing personality!

    I too, want a great piece of your jewelry. You are an amazing designer! Like Lynette, I'm more a silver kind of girl. Your ideas for my necklace was right on the mark! Please email me soon with photos, ideas on that subject!

    Sorry it took a while for me to email ya has been beyond nuts.

    Again, loved meeting you girls and I know it will be a long, fun friendship for us all! Andrea


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