Friday, April 3, 2009

Vintage Redesign Necklace Heading to Texas "SOLD"

I thought that I would share a couple of new necklaces that I've made with redesigning vintage and found elements into new necklaces. Both of these necklaces have been SOLD. Most items on my blog are for sale, unless I've specifically mentioned in the blog post that an item is from my own private collection.
I encourage you to leave me feedback and let me know what your thoughts are, as this truly helps those of us that are designing items for sale. From some recent feedback, I've heard that more people are into silver and I plan to make more redesigns using this metal color in the future. Gold color is on a come back, and must of been the color of choice in the past as well, as I find a lot of gold colored vintage items to redesign with. Thanks for looking!
I just love how this piece came together. It is a combination of at least six vintage pieces that I took apart to redesign with. The focal on this cool necklace reminds me of a fancy, but another friend referred to it as the "arrow necklace". The focal piece had a former life as a shoe clip, but has been elevated to the status of a neck focal now. I think that it is enjoying its new life much better than the previous one it held.
Notice the wonderful vintage details in this focal. From the champagne colored pearls that are set into the shoe clip to the rhinestones that surround the pearls, it is a wonderful found piece. Found I may say, as it was only one of a previous set that I found and purchased for designing with.
This photo shows the very cool chain that had a former life as one super long chain worn looped around twice, since it was too long to wear all in one length. I took lengths of this necklace and added it into the design of this necklace. The champagne pearls in this necklace were a perfect match, and the glass tubular brown beads add warmth to this necklace as well. On one side of the necklace this portion of the necklace is a single strand and you will notice later that the other side of the necklace has a silver chain length added into it to pull more of silver into the design to unite the focal with the rest of the elements.

This detailed photo shows the very unique vintage earring element that was used on one side of the necklace to again pull more of the silver color into the overall design in this necklace. Note at the top of this photo there is a section of another silver chain as well as links of round champagne colored round pearls which were part of an original Miriam Haskell necklace which was not salvageable as is. Love the addition of this famous designers beads.

The completed necklace photo which shows and illustrates the additions of the silver vintage earring on the one side, as well as the silver chain sections and how they compliment the vintage silver shoe clip focal.
This necklace is heading to Texas, and was chosen by the recipient as her birthday gift from family members. Enjoy this necklace Anna! This necklace is "SOLD".


  1. I love this Gretchen! If there is anyway you could replicate this, please email me! I have a gift recipient in mind as well! Thanks!

  2. This necklace with the shoe clip is simply lovely, Gretchen! Very elegant!


  3. The necklace with the shoe clip is very lovely, I thought at first it was a money clip. Thanks for the beautiful pics of your work and design. Sandi


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