Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waiting on Spring

Happy Spring!
The Midwest has finally received some warmer weather for several days now, and we can now be rest assured that Spring will come to us once again. It has been a long cold winter, so we are all anxiously awaiting and anticipating some fresh green in our landscapes, buds on our shrubs and trees and signs of new life sprouting forth in our yards.
This big Easter bunny surely would put one in the spirit of Spring!

Tulips are always a sign of Spring in Minnesota.

A lovely still life with flowers, nests, and weathered wood.
Heavenly -
These were stunning and oh so gorgeous. Just spoke Spring time to me.
How can you go wrong with a bucket filled with tulips.
I adored this urn filled with lily of the valley.
As a young girl, each Spring I would pick daily boquets of this scent filled flower and my mother would always put them in the same aqua hobnail petite vase. She loved the scent that would waft through our farm house, courtesy of these delicate blossoms her youngest child would bestow on her.
- Roses are gorgous any time of the year -
One can never have too many tulips to bring on the Spring time feeling we all are craving.
All of these photos were taken last week at "Nature's Harvest in Wayzata, MN, while I was out celebrating my birthday with my friend, Carolyn. The store was packed with fresh and silk flowers and was just such a breath of fresh air, as it was still cold and snowy just five days ago.
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  1. Gretchen - beautiful flowers - spring really is on the way!!! Looks like you had fun on your birthday! Good for you.

  2. Welcome spring- what beautiful pictures!

  3. Aaahhh,yes. We too, in Ohio, have enjoyed some absolutely gorgeous weather...yesterday it topped out at 67 degrees! Love your beautiful photos and think you've definitely become quite the photographer lately.

  4. Spring!! Isn't it beautiful!! Here in Mid West Michigan had 71 degrees yesterday!!

    P.S. Love the new blog layout!!

  5. Great pictures Gretchen! Your new blog looks great too! Thanks for sharing! See you soon.

  6. The flowers are so nice. We still have rainy gloomy days here. Luckily no snow today.

  7. Just found your blog through Karla at Karla's Cottage. Have already bookmarked yours. The spring flowers are so inspiring, and a pleasant reminder of when I was young and raised in the Midwest. Yummy. Yummy. Love your jewelry. Happy Birthday. Ellie

  8. Nature's Harvest is one of my favorite shops! Always inspiring. Great photos. Hope you had a wonderful B Day.

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