Saturday, March 14, 2009

"A Beautiful March Thaw"

I was at a couple of cool shops this week, and these were the features that were outside. As you can see the snow and than ice create quite a magical look to these objects.

I love this vintage bicycle!!! The amount of ice dripping from it was so stunning and grabbed my attention before I could head inside the door of "the Round Barn Potting Co." in Andover, Minnesnowta. On Tuesday we had a snow/ice storm and on Friday the 13th, much of this snow was melting. This bike was lined up just right to be catching the run off from the roof and it created a delightful sight.

This is a fabulous entrance to the lovely shop in Wayzata, Minnesota called "Natures Harvest". The statues outside of it on Thursday were still showing signs of that Tuesday snowstorm, and the meltdown hadn't quite begun yet.

This lovely lady statue had a basket of fruit and an extra dosage of snow she was sporting. Statutes make for a lovely display outside of shops, and are a delight to the shoppers to view.

Another beautiful statue of a cherub covered with freshly fallen snow is on display outside of this lovely Wayzata shop. It is an invigorating shop for ones senses.

Inside Sneak Peak Photos

I took lots of photos of the inside of this shop, and will do a feature blog on this store in the future, but for now, here are a few cool photos of statues being used for interior design. Aren't they lovely with the Spring like flowers and greenery.

The below statue was covered with fresh greenery, wish made for a delightful Springtime display. This shop was so fun to go to as it was still cool out on Thursday when we went to it and had just had the nasty snow/ice storm earlier in the week.


  1. Oooo, that photo of the iced bike would make a great "winter" card or displayed in some type of frame!

  2. Gretchen

    Cool pictures. No pun intended.
    You captured the fun spots we visited so well.


  3. Gretchen, I didn't really "see" that bike until Lori came in and said I HAD to come and see it. Wish I would have had my camera! Couldn't have planned that vignette any better. Funny no customers said anything! Love Natures Harvest, too! One of my favorite spots. Did you see the cool metal table they have! Only a mere $5,000! Oh well . . .

    Lani @ Cottage Elements

  4. ah...the bicycle.
    nice light in all your photos.

  5. Love all those statues, and it looks like you visited some fun shops for your birthday. Oh, and that bike....LOVE IT!!

  6. Thanks Jan, Cindy, Carolyn, Lani and Melissa. The bike was quite the sight to behold. I haven't seen anything quite like that.
    Aren't the statues fabulous? This shop is an everyday open shop in Wayzata and filled with beautiful vignettes. Lovely to view! Carolyn was my partner in crime on Thursday and we had a blast a day early. Then on Friday I was with my good friend, Laura for a short while at the Round Barn. Love it when birthdays drag out. lol

  7. Well, great minds must think alike because I did the same thing this weekend! I took photos at a shop that I love and now I'm giving away something I bought there.

    I love that bike!!! Great photo.


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