Saturday, September 4, 2010

Being Kind and Meeting New Friends

I love meeting kindred spirits.
It makes my soul grow and that is something I love.
Kind of strange how one comes full circle.

As the youngest of seven children, yes 7.
I was often told what to do
 how to do it
 and when to do it by 9 other people in my life.
Oh, my family may beg to differ,
but as a young girl this is what I remember.

My family consisted of parents,
 six siblings
and a faternal Grandmother that lived with us.

So you must be figuring out from this post,
that I would of been a weeee bit shy back then.
Try picturing a five year old hiding behind a parents leg,
and holding on to that leg to hide.

Since I was used to everyone doing/saying/thinking for me,
I didn't have to do to much talking when I was young.

Those that know me now,
would say I've been making up for this in my adult life.

I do love to talk,
to meet new people,
and to share in their journey,
whatever that may be.

So I'm embarrassed now to say that the story goes like this...
as a young child I could not stand how my parents would talk to everyone they met.
Complete strangers...
people standing in line at the grocery store,
people visiting our church...
even inviting visitors home from church for Sunday dinner with our family.

Now, we lived in a town of 356 people,
so strangers did stand out in our community.
But, my parents were friendly wherever they went.
This is who they were...

So the point in this post is this...

I have become like my parents.
Yep, you read this right.

However, I take this a step further than I believe they did.
They were just being who they were.

Sometimes, I make an effort to be more out going then I naturally would.
To be friendlier than what I may feel like it a given day.
To make a point to hold the door for the elderly,
just because they're used to us youngin's disrespecting by walking in first.

And do you notice the sad and unhappy people around you?

Why not make the world a better place?

I call what I do...
"Sprinkling a little Sugar and Cream on people".
Try it for yourself.
See what happens.
You might be surprised.

I love to sprinkle extra doses on the saddest people I run into.
With amazing results most of the time.

Here's how to do it...

Strike up a conversation  with someone,
while standing in line,
just because.

Hand out a sincere compliment,
instead of just thinking it in your head.
(if it's an insult, best to keep ones mouth shut)

Carry something for an overburdened Mom with children,
the elderly gentleman walking with a cane,
or the harried business woman trying to do it all.

Hold the door open for someone and let them go first,
and show elderly people respect like we were raised to do.

It's rather fun to see how doing acts of kindness,
being friendly,
visiting with strangers,
passing out sincere compliments
just plain being thoughtful
can make someone's day!

You can be the reason the crabby
person turns into a cheeful person
on any given day.

We each can make a difference!

Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me,
the fine art of
making a postive difference
in others lives.

This blog post was inspired by email conversations with a new kindred spirit I recently met through blogland.  Thank you Kim for believing in me, and here's to our new friendship and partnering together through blogging in the future. 

I do hope to meet many of you followers at the upcoming Junk Bonanza event in just 1 1/2 weeks now.  Do stop in my booth, introduce yourself and join in with me by helping me spread a little "Sugar and Cream" around the world.
*Just trying some new techniques with blogging styles and editing photographs. The above photographs are some of the results.  The last picture is the natural color for all of the previous photos, so its interesting what one can do.  What do you think? 


  1. This is a great post! I do believe in spreading the love! It can make such a big difference in someones day and it certainly makes a big difference in my life!
    I enjoy your blog and love what you did with the pictures!
    Wish I was able to attend Junk Bonanza but being in NC it's a little far for me this year! Hope you have a blast!
    Happy Saturday!
    Tammy :-)

  2. ~*~thanks for sharing*I wish we all could be more like your parents~*~*Blessings,Rachel

  3. Morning Gretchen....!

    Hope this note finds you enjoying your weekend....!

    One of my FAVE 'sugar & cream' practices is to compliment perfect strangers on the train in the morning on their attire....I used to see women all the time & THINK to myself, "WOW....That lady looks gorgeous"....You know GREAT shoes, handbag, skirt, hair WHATEVER....Well now I make a point of saying hello & letting them know that I think they look FABULOUS....It makes ME happy that I gave them a 'smile' & of course, everyone likes to be noticed even in a small way so it's very much a 'win win'....!!

    I also like to smile & wave to people when I'm out in the hard rubbish....Sometimes when I'm pickin' from the kerb the homeowners are in their front yards & they look grumpy & suspicious as I drive by....I give them a big goofy grin & wave my heart out as I drive by & the result....?? A surprised smile & wave back....hahahahaha....!!

    It doesn't take much to spread a little sunshine aka 'sugar & cream'....!!

    Your parents sound like LOVELY folk & it certainly sounds as if they imparted some sweet wisdom....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Hi Gretch,
    Love this post and love you!! You are such an amazing person and any one that knows you knows how true to these words your spirit is. I am so very blessed to call you "friend"!

  5. hi Gretchen
    so nice to read this lovely post!! i love everything about it... words, images, ideas... it's funny how we change as we grow... it's a beautiful thing...

    your photos are so pretty!! just lovely!!

    how's the prep going for your big day!! i can't believe it's Sept. 4th already!!! aaaaaack....

    talk soon, my friend... xxo, kim


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