Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oronoco Gold Rush Days 2010 - Part 1

Yesterday, I went for the day to Oronoco Gold Rush Days a well known Minnesota Flea Market/Antique Show in Oronoco, MN.  We left in the morning from the Elk River area and made our way down to the show to avoid some of the early morning rush.  I rode along with three friends that have been vendors with me at the French Flea for quite some time and are all veteran dealers, a hoot to hang out with and we had such a fun time.  It was a great group to go with.  Thanks John, for driving and getting us there and back safe and sound.
The above piece of vintage hardware was one of my favorite things I saw at the Flea Market event.  It was priced at $22 and just has such beautiful patina on it.  Love it!  No, I didn't buy it...
Beth and John walking one of the streets between some of the vendors

The town is transformed into a giant antique show and flea market from Friday - Sunday each year in August on this week-end.  What a well worth event to attend!  It is free to the public and the parking is minimal.
Beth, the owner of Downtown Antiques in Elk River and John, her right hand helper of her business were two of the people I spent the day with.  What a fun day we all had together, and what a riot these two friends are.  All of the group I traveled with were helpful with directing me to good values and finds for my business.
Robyn was our other shopper that traveled with our group.  She and I hung out quite a bit and she was a great help with finding some vintage redesign pieces for my jewelry business.  She found me a great key vendor as well as another vendor that had just cleaned out a 100 year old ladies estate.  Thanks my friend!
Robyn and I really enjoyed this couple that had a great variety of archictectural elements and hardware.
Robyn shopping and finding a few treasures.
I love the old hardware...
Great design elements...
The two pieces that came home with me.
Lots of cool vintage pieces.
Have to have good food to keep shopping and a time to enjoy some vendor food.  I heard a couple of my group also just had to have the famous homemade ice cream bars too.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of the Oronoco 2010 experience.  Part 2 will be a showcase of my finds, and Part 3 will feature the 2nd Annual Blog Fest as well as a surprise Camera Crew visit to the Blog Party.


  1. Oooh, Gretchen, looks like that was some event! Love your pics! Can't wait for parts 2 and 3!

  2. Wish Oronoco weren't so far away! I loved it the year we did go....glad you found some goodies!

  3. I'm so jealous... the vintage hardware is to die for... I couldn't have resisted... I would have wanted it ALL! *WINK*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh what fun! I really missed not being there with you all!!! (maybe next year!)



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