Friday, February 19, 2010

Gold Jewelry For Sale off of Blog

Golden Crown Necklace
$49.00 (SOLD 2-17-10)
27 1/2" total length.

Asymetrical Gold/Pearl/Watch Necklace
$54.00 (SOLD 2-10-10)
30" total length.  This necklace is very, very cool!

2 Sided Gorgeous Gold Watches
$54.00 (SOLD 2-17-10)
This necklace is truly gorgeous.  Two sided design gives you two distinct looks.  22" of pearl/chain and another 1 1/2" of focal for a total length of 23 1/2".

Eiffel Tower Chunky Chain Necklace
$44.00 (Sale price $39.00)
18" of thich gorgeous goldtone chain with an additional 1 1/2" of focal length for an overall 19 1/2".

Birds in Flight
$44.00 (SOLD 3-3-10)
21" of goldtone chain with an additonal 5" of gorgeous vintage elements.  The filigree vintage piece is 2" x
1 1/2" in size.

Gold/Pearls/Crystals with Watch Face Necklace
$52.00 (SOLD 2/18/10)
34" to Circle attachment, than another 4" length with circle, charms and watch focal.
There are pearls set into gold tone rhinestone style links around the edge of the watch.

Pearls and Gold Links Bracelet
$44.00 (SOLD 2/17/10)


  1. I want another of your pieces so badly Gretchen, but my problem is that I can never decide which to get. ALL would just be too expensive for me....maybe I could get you to do a custom piece for me??? Priced around $50 say...what do you think?

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